Tuesday, November 27, 2007

the oasis mall

I'm in a mall! And you can all come visit me!

I've joined an online mall for holiday shopping and here it is: http://www.the-oasis-mall.com/home

It's called the Oasis Mall and it's made up of 50 shops from Etsy who decided to join forces during the holiday shopping. And the best part is...no parking and crowd stress!

We are only going to open during this shopping season so don't procastinate!

You'll not only be able to find my lovely baby anne quilts shop (in the Clothing and Fabric Crafts department) but also other great shops like these...

Harmony Metals




And there is a lot more! So go ahead and grab your Orange Julius and hang out at the mall!


Nora said...

Congrats on your "space" at the mall! I love your quilts by the way!!!

pk fairaday said...

Your quilts are gorgeous! Hope the holiday season is good to you!

heather said...

Thanks, everyone!

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