Friday, November 23, 2007

favorite shop friday: cyberoptix tie lab

I don't know about you but buying for my man is hard. It's hard becuase it's so easy. All he ever wants are movies, music or Legos. If I want to surprise with something nice and unique...that's where it gets hard. But I think I found a great shop to help me out this Christmas: Cyberoptix Tie Lab.

I know, I know...what's so original about a tie?

Well, take a look at this:

Or these:

And I know my gearhead husband will love this:

I love this Houdini-inpsired Escape Artist tie:

And this 40 Whacks tie from their Conceled Weapons series:

Who said giving a tie to your man had to be unimaginative? Show him you've got brains!

You'll find these ties and many more at

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