Friday, November 30, 2007

favorite shop friday: anabella designs

I don't wear jewelry. I wear my wedding ring and on very special occasions (i.e. my wedding day) I'll wear small earrings. I use to wear jewelry...I use to love pretty rings and my own handmade necklaces and dangley earrings. But somewhere along the way I started to simplify things.

But I recently found a jewelry designer who is tempting me back into jewelry: Anabella Designs.

Her work is both simple and beautiful, inspired by nature, and I love them all!

Especially this Five Leaf pendant that would go nicely with my wedding band:

Isn't this Rosehips pendant so pretty?

I love this Butterfly:

This Bird in Flight looks so peace-able:

This Cosmos pendant is a little bit retro and I like it!

There is so much more beauty to wear from Anabella so make sure you see her entire shop at

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