Wednesday, November 21, 2007

artwork as gifts

To tell you the truth, I don't really like to idea of someone else picking out a piece of artwork for me. I am very picky about the artwork that goes on my walls. It needs to mean something to me.

I have all kinds of stuff on my walls from Rembrandt prints to East German Trabant car ads. But I've always avoided a little...ok a lot...any amateur art (any have-decent original artwork done by an amateur artist) or "Walmart" art (a framed artwork purchased at the home department of any department store by some anonymous artist that was just designed to look aestically pleasing on a wall).

But I am finding such a wealth of incredible artwork on Etsy! I've already bought two prints that are haning up alongside my Rodin and William Morris and I've now got my eye on all of these...

"Meet Me By The Water" from dkim-art.

"Entertaining Angels" from One Eye Open.

"Overgrowth" from Sarah Ogren.

"Imaginary Friend" from Creative Thursday.

"...and then he kissed her" from Sea Spray Blue.

"Shy Boy and Shy Girl" from Rosie Music.

"Creepy Little Children" from Ravenwolf.

"Boy and Girl with Winged Fairy" 1923 antique illustration from Monkey Shines.

"Hive" from Oh My Cavalier.

Any of these works of art would be happy on my wall! So if anyone is looking to make me happy this Christmas...(hint, hint!)

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