Friday, November 16, 2007

favorite shop friday: strumpfkunst

So here I am in Utah. I flew out here on Wednesday to see family for the Thanksgiving holiday. I'm staying with my brother, his wife, and my adorable little nephew...who, by the way, I get to babysit today!

As I mentioned, my brother has a thing for sockmonkeys and my nephew still loves his sockmonkey quilt, so my choice for today's favorite shop was a no-brainer: Strumpfkunst...the sock monkey queen!

I was first attracted to Stumpfkunst for her way cool sock monkeys.

I was second attracted to Strumpfkunst because she's also located in Germany. In fact, her shop name is German for "sock art"!

I was third attrated to Strumpfkunst because Gila, the woman behind the socks, is also way cool! She wrote this great article on the history of the sock monkey. Plus, she has purchased from me, and that puts anyone at the top of my impressive people list!

And she's got more than just monkeys!

And my nephew is especially pleased to hear that many of Strumpfkunst's designs are baby-safe! ya wanna buy a monkey?

You'll find Strumpfkunst at

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