Friday, November 9, 2007

favorite shop friday: odkins

I recently discovered this wonderful shop: Odkins. What drew me to Odkins? Conjoined rabbits. That's right. Conjoined. Rabbits.

From Odkins's shop profile: "I have this compulsion to gather strands of fiber woven in flat sheets, cut it to bits, then cobble the pieces back together using a sharp spike of metal laced with single strands of filament, in new configurations. I know, i know, it seems unhealthy, but...everybody needs a thing, right?"

It may be unhealthy, but it's downright fabulous!

Like this forest polar bear:

I'm starting to keep my eye out for one whenever I go into the forest!

And there is more loveliness at this Scandinavian-inspired pouch.

I adore Odkins...I know you will, too. And if rabbits aren't your thing...perhaps you may be able to provide a supportive home for conjoined cats?

You can find Odkins at


Smiley Family said...

Hey Heather! This is your (Karl's) cousin Jamie. I linked to your blog from Gretchen's blog. I love your quilts - what talent! I especially love your "tummy time" quilt idea. How much would one cost? I am pregnant (I was actually due yesterday!) and I would love to have one of your beautiful quilts. I also love your pictures of Germany and France. What a beautiful place to live. Keep up the great work, I'll be checking your blog again soon :)

ricracsally said...

I'm loving that cat in suspenders(or is it cats in suspenders?). Your quilts are beautiful and we've linked you from our blog!

heather said...

Hi Jamie! Thanks for stopping by! I'm not sure how much a "tummy time" quilt would be, but probably around $100. Is the baby here, yet?

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