Thursday, November 1, 2007

baby anne quilts

I began quilting about 3 years ago. I can't pinpoint the moment when I decided to try to quilt. As an art historian, I began to be drawn to the history of quilts. I found them fascinating: blankets are used every day by all economic and social levels and the craft of quilting turned this ordinary object into a work of art with powerful symbolic meaning.

So, when Karl asked me what I wanted for Christmas in 2004, I told him I wanted a sewing machine. And in January 2005, with the help of a how-to book from JoAnn's, I taught myself how to quilt. It took six months to finish my first quilt and I was actually surprised how much I enjoyed the process (once I figured out each step). But still, I didn't expect I would ever make another one. But when my brother-in-law suddenly got engaged...I was suddenly picking out a quilt pattern for a wedding gift!

My very first quilt Ever!!
My very first quilt!!

Nearly three years later, Karl and I are living in Germany and I found myself with a lot of time on my hands. When we moved here a year ago, I planned to do a lot of quilting with my extra time, but when I discovered Etsy a few months later, I realized I could do a lot more with my quilt hobby! After a couple of months of emails, a phone interview, and some fees, I got a new visa in my passport giving me permission to own a little online business...

Introducing baby anne quilts!

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Jennifer said...

I love your first quilt. That is pretty awesome looking! I love quilts so I'm adding you on my blog. :)


heather said...

Thank you, Jennifer!

GrayEyedScorpio said...

Your tags are as appealing as your quilts! What lovely work you do.

ricracsally said...

HI! I just had to throw out some love your way--my sister found you blog, and told me that I had to check it out...turns out I have a doppelganger out there. I, too, have an Art History degree, and lived for a few years as an American in Germany. I think your quilts are fab--

Mimi said...

I would like to proudly announce that I, well my daughters now own a baby anne quilt! The patterns are inspired, the fabric is beautiful and the quality is uncomparable.
Thanks for keeping my girls warm with love!

heather said... that's where my doppelganger is!

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