Tuesday, April 1, 2008

30 days 30 photos (or more)

Orange Flower is a blog I love to read (and if you don't already read it go take a look and I'll bet you'll become a fan, too!) and when I read it this morning I was happy to see a fun challenge she's started for the month of April.

Orange Flower is hosting a 30 Days 30 Photos challenge asking anyone who's interested to post a photo a day for the month of April that they took with the macro setting on their camera. And I decided to jump on the bandwagon and take some up-close photos myself!

And if any of you are interested on joining us on the bandwagon, you can jump on any time this month! Or if you just want to check out all the cool photos everyone is creating, then see the list of participating blogs here.

To start off this April challenge, Karl and I went for a stroll today through our little village of Oberweier. Ever since our visiting family left us last Wednesday, we've been sick. We had a wonderful week of fun and adventures followed by a miserable week of sore throats, sore bodies, and fevers. I'm back on the mend, but Karl is still pretty miserable. Today, however, partly because he got cabin fever, partly becuase the weather has finally turned back into Spring again, and partly because he actually started to feel a little better, we took a stroll. And I took some photos. But I had a hard time picking just 1 photo for my day 1 of the 30 day challenge, so here are 3 to kick off a month of what already looks like is going to be filled with more than 30 photos!

The mouth of the faucet at the water trough in front of the village's little chapel:

A broken candelabra we found on the ground:

The fresh-baked bread for sale at the self-serve stand (we left money for that top loaf and are munching on it now...sooooo yuuuummmmy!):


orangeflower said...

Great photos, as usual! I'm so glad you joined the macro challenge!


kristin said...

love these! it will be a fun month of photo taking :)

Distressing Delilah said...

great photos...isn't it so very addicting?

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