Friday, April 11, 2008

favorite shop friday: retrocycle

I stumbled on a wonderful vintage shop the other day, RetroCycle, who has found things for your home that you are going to love! Why? Because they have already been "preloved," as RetroCycle puts it!

Take for instance this wonderful block set for your kids...they look like they've already been well-loved from some child of the 1950s...and ready for more!

And this flash card is ready to teach your child the value of the number four once again...or be a really cool graphic framed in your home:

Some of my favorite RetroCycle items are for the kitchen, like this beautiful milk glass creamer:

And this very cool, and very sturdy, crock-pot...wouldn't you love seeing this sitting on your counter-top?

And now that you've got your vintage kitchen outfitted, start cooking with vintage recipes...because aren't the old ones always the best, especially when they come from church-going women?

But you can adorn yourself with RetroCycle, too. Take, for instance, this incredible 1960s wedding dress suit:

RetroCycle works with a repurposing and recycling philosophy...that the things we cast aside are only waiting to be rediscovered. And with RetroCycle's discerning eye, you'll be left wondering why any of these items ever needed re-discovering!

Now go start your rediscovering at Only remember...hands off the Presbyteri-Yums...that's mine!


Rosebud Collection said...

What great stuff..would you believe I have the same creamer?..I think I just aged myself..

High Desert Diva said...

love the green background in the photos...really makes everything pop

Sarah McBride said...

great shop. I feel as if I am taking a trip down memory lane. My grandma had some of the same stuff in her house for her kids and grandkids. I swear we had those flashcards!

Kimma said...

Oh my! What a great shop you found! Thanks for sharing- I am seriuosly thinking about getting the vintage tinker toys for my daughters play room= how neat!

Ang @ Purple Sage Designz Hippie Crafting said...

Thanks for sharing, a wonderful vintage shop for sure.

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