Friday, April 4, 2008

adventures with the girls in riquewihr

When the girls were here visiting we spent a day in the Alsace region of France, just over the border of Germany. Alsace is an unique area of France. Over the centuries it has gone back and forth between being a part of Germany and France. A lot of the local architecture and culture has more in common with Germany than France, the local dialect sounds more like German than French, and many of the town names are German.

We visited a tiny but very old medieval town called Riquewihr that hasn't changed much at all for centuries. It's so charming you'd want to throw up except that it's just so charming!

My nieces in Riquewihr.: Hannah, Kayla and Danielle.

I mean really, really charming!!


XUE said...

I have been to Alsaace & I have been to Esslingen which might be near you?

heather said... husband did a three-month study abroad program in Esslingen! It's one of our favorite places!

liza said...

how very fun! i have ancestors from alsace. i wanna go with mimi to visit you!

p.s. i am mimi's friend just visiting your blog

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