Wednesday, April 23, 2008

earth day week: bicycles

Bicycles are a common sight in Germany. And the culture here makes them practical, safe, and enjoyable for several reasons.

Gasoline is very expensive here so it makes financial sense to go by bike instead. The old towns are very compact so you really don't have to pedal very far to get to stores and banks and such. And stores will commonly have lots of bikes racks for locking up your bike.

And since bikes are so common, the roads are designed with them in mind: you'll find special bikes lanes all over and even when there are no bikes lanes, cars are used to seeing bikes about so they are very aware and respectful of bicyclists.

Street bikes are also designed, and are required to be, safe and practical with lights and bells and baskets. Here is my bike:

It's cheap, but has all the necessities including a front and back basket that are handy when I take it out shopping (in fact, that back basket is detachable and has a handle).

Plus, it just feels so good to be out and about on my bike! And good for my body, too!

My bike bell: Auf zwei Rädern bleibt man jung, "On two wheels, you'll stay young."


High Desert Diva said...

I love your bike bell quote. Just got a bike myself last week. Haven't had one for 25 years. It's been so cold though I've only ridden it once. I did put a cute basket on it though!

Rachel said...

Another great post, and I love your bell slogan!

Zachary said...

Oh to be young and peddling through the streets of Europe!

Karin said...

Oh, how I wish I could ride a bike to different places each day! I'm too far from everything! Great photo of the bell, I like the slogan.

Safari Lee said...

Bikes rule! Bike lanes in city streets are the way ahead!

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