Wednesday, April 2, 2008

adventures with the girls!

Our Easter week was so so lovely!! is the first post of what will be five posts about all of our adventures over the Easter holiday!

So...Karl's oldest sister, Diana, arrived on Wednesday, March 19, with her three oldest daughters (Danielle, Kayla, and Hannah) to spend a week with us. It was their first visit to us here in Germany, and their first visit anywhere outside the US and we had tons o' fun!! The only bad part of their visit, and really the only bad part, was the icky weather. We have very mild winters in this part of Germany but the last of the winter said goodbye with a vengeance that week with a snowfall, a lot of rain and too much cold!

We, of course, took them on a walk around our town of Bühl and our little village of Oberweier on the day they arrived.

Hannah, Kayla, Diana, Danielle in Bühl!

Hannah and Karl entering the little Oberweier chapel.

We hopped over the border and spent a day in the Alsace region of France including in city of Strasbourg, France where we visited the huge Gothic cathedral!

Danielle and the Strasbourg cathedral.

On Good Friday, Karl took his sister and nieces to the charming Black Forest town of Gengenbach (the home of Augustus Gloop) and then to the see the Opera in Freiburg. (Our Hannah is a very talented aspiring Opera singer!)

Kayla, Danielle, Hannah and Diana in Gengenbach.

Hannah at the Freiburg Opera House.

On Easter Sunday we went to our church in Karlsruhe then had lunch at the pretty restaurant in the horticultural gardens at the beautiful Karlsruhe Palace. (Our waitress in the restaurant took a particular liking to so many pretty American girls and chatted with us quite a bit then gave us all colored Easter eggs when we left!)

Diana, Kayla, Danielle and Hannah at the Karlsruhe Palace on Easter Sunday.

And on the Monday after Easter, us girls left my husband at home and took the speed train to Paris! For two days I took them to my favorite Paris sights!

Your Humble Narrator before the graceful Eiffel Tower.

But we also did so much much that I've got four more posts in the works with many many photos!

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