Monday, April 28, 2008

signs 4

On the road up to Baden-Baden is this sign. It's a caution signing warning of pedestrians, and I always like the frumpy man on this version of the sign...but it's the addition below the triangular caution sign that has always caught my eye: the family of frogs.

I'm baffled by these frogs. I don't know what they're trying to tell me.

Is this a frog crossing? Should I beware not only of human pedestrians but also of frog families crossing the road as I'm speeding by at 70 km/hour?

Or are the frogs a general symbol for a nearby nature preserve and I should beware of creeping creatures of all types?

Or is this area a frog habitat for specialized frog enthusiasts?

Or does it mean something else all together and I'm unawares of breaking some law against frog families every time I go speeding by because of my ignorance?

Can anyone out there enlighten me? Or at least give me your best guess?


High Desert Diva said...

Haven't a clue! But it's a fabulous sign!

Rachel said...

At first glance, it seems like they want you to be careful of frogs hopping across the road - but wouldn't it be hard to see little frogs from you're car? I'm not sure this explanation makes sense.

heather said...

That's my thought, exactly, Rachel. Unless these are some VERY big frogs, I doubt I'd see them (especially at the posted speed limit). Poor little frogs.

Zachary said...

I think it is a warning that the further you travel down the road, the larger the frogs are going to get. is a clue to a treasure map showing that you (represented by the frumpy man), must walk up the Stairs of Frogs to reach the Temple of Doom and the Holy Grail.

hikebikekayak said...

Looks like it is for frog crossing! How would you see them from your car?!?

heather said...

yay for hikebikekayak! (that's a very cool website - thanks for sharing!) Some very happy migrating frogs will be saved now that I know I have to watch out for the little fellows!

I am still tickled that there is actually a road sign for the frogs!

CARNIVAL said...

I have no clue.

But my imagination is telling me that the signs mean, Beware: frogs will suspiciously watch you as you cross


Jenn Maruska said...

I don't know either - but that is a great sign and I love that you took a photo and shared it with us! : )

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