Tuesday, January 8, 2008

details of oberweier

My home is in a tiny little village called Oberweier just outside the city of Bühl, Germany. Although I could walk to the center of Bühl in 20 minutes, Oberweier is still completely isolated from it. I love this little village. It is at least as old as the early 1700s and I don't think it has grown an inch since then. It is charming and comfortable and I love it.

Today I took a walk around the village, taking pictures of its details. We'll be moving back to the US at the end of the month, and I don't want to forget these details.

The house across the street that was built in 1726:


The electricity source with the Black Forest beyond:


The chicken coop on the main street:


The center of this tiny village...the chapel flanked by the town hall on the right and the Biergarten on the left. We love eating at this cozy Biergarten:


The little chapel was built in the early 1700s:


A kitsch-ish mural on the side of a house...


...and another one on some garage doors:


A self-serve stand in front of someone's house....they sell baked goods or whatever fruit or vegetable is in season (today it's fresh bread), just leave your money in the dish:



sara said...

Oh my gosh, I love the self-serve stand! That would never work in the US!

Love the photos!

heather said...

You're right, sara! I think that, too...they would never work in the US! The self-serve stands are fairly common around here. In the spring and summer, farmers will plant flowers in a corner of their fields where people can pick them and leave a bit of money in a nearby can or box. I love it!

Max Power said...

I'm so sad we aren't going to get to come visit you in Germany. We were really looking forward to the trip.

Oh the other hand though, we are excited to have you close again. At least in the same country seems like a far easier trip with Max. (Or as Erik likes to call him, the "Bag of Eels.)

Attack of the Vintage said...

Oh how cool it is to take a walk with your around your village!!
I love the murals on the garages!

I gop to a greenhouse that has a can to put the money in, I live in the US but out in the country where we still wave at each passing car and truck!

Field Notes said...

First, I love your blog! I am going to have to add a link to yours from mine =D And, second, I love living in small towns that are quaint. Sure, there are some things about it that aren't so great, but overall, you can't beat old buildings with character, self-serve veggie, fruit and baked goods stands, and quirky murals.

My little town in the US has all of those things; I wouldn't want to move if I were you! ... unless by unusual coincidence you're moving to my town ;)

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