Tuesday, January 29, 2008

january 29

One year ago today, some very happy things happened in my family.

I have an older brother and a younger sister. And by the time we all got to be over the age of 21, my mother was more than ready to have some grandchildren in her family. My brother and I married, but we were in no hurry to have those grandchildren for my mother. My sister would have been more than happy to appease her, but she couldn't find herself a husband. By the time we were all over the age of 30...well, my mother wasn't very happy with us. And my baby-hungry sister still couldn't find her man.

But guess what happened a year ago today?

My sister got engaged to her wonderful husband! Aren't they so cute together?

And guess what else happened? My brother's wife gave birth to my mother's first grandchild, Max! Just 2 days before my mother's own birthday! Isn't he so cute? (And yes, that's the sock monkey quilt his aunt Heather made for him!)

Happy Birthday, Max! And Happy Birthday, Grandma!

(My sister, my mother, and Max in Utah last November.)


BallerinaGurl said...

What a fantastic blog! I hit the NEXT BLOG because in all my years of blogging I never had. Here is a girl with links to Utah! HA! I am in Salt Lake City. How small a world we live in!

Can't wait to read to get to know you better. I love meeting new people and have French Heritage so I will enjoy this I am sure in regards to the Paris part!

send me an email with your email and I will add you to my blog, although it is not as much fun as yours!

Nice to meet you!


jewelstreet said...

That is a beautiful wedding picture! They are precious together! And, your nephew is so cute.

Helen | Pepperina Press said...

Your mum must be loving her world right now! Happy times for your family!

Sarah said...

So cute!

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