Thursday, January 17, 2008

my passport is all dressed up and ready to go!

Last Friday I received my beautiful, adorable, charming passport cover from revontulitikku in Finland!

Since I'm a foreigner in a foreign land, I carry my passport around a lot. So I like to keep it in something protective.

This is my old passport cover:

Clear plastic slip-on cover in a clear plastic pocket that's starting to rip.
Yuck. But no more! Now I have something pretty to show off while waiting in the passport control line!

This is how much I love my new passport cover: Karl brought the little package in from the mailbox on Friday when he came home from work. Remember Friday? The day we got the news that we needed to figure out if we were going to stay in Germany forever or not? So as Karl is telling me how we need to decide if we were going to stay in Germany forever or not I'm opening my little package and kept interrupting this life-changing news with "Look how pretty!" and "I can't wait to pull my passport out when I'm standing in the passport control line somewhere!" and "Wait just a sec, baby, I want to go grab my passport real quick!"

Yeah, it was love at first sight!


QuintessentiallyEnglish said...

wow beautiful!!

Looneybird Moonmaiden said...

your passport cover is super cute and i totally understand how it could supercede a life altering decision :)

High Desert Diva said...

ohh...much better!

The Downtown Boutique said...

What a cute passport cover! Great way to protect the passport.

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