Tuesday, January 1, 2008

a new year

A new year means a new beginnings. I like that the world celebrates the first day of a new year, that we are encouraged to make new resolutions. To celebrate a chance to change and grow and start anew.

This coming year will bring a lot of new beginnings for Karl and I. We recently learned that Karl's work will be sending us back to Ohio in the next month or so. We love Ohio but we love Germany more. It has been such a blessing and a dream come true for us to live here. We are so at home here and it is very hard to leave. This past year was so wonderful with so many wonderful adventures traveling around Europe. We will miss our lives here so very much.

But this post is about beginnings...not endings. As we prepare for our return to Ohio we wonder what this year will bring. We'll be looking for a car and a home in a town we hardly know (we had only lived there for 2 months before being shipped off to Germany). I will be looking for a job, hopefully in the museum field. I will also be working harder at this little Etsy shop I have. I've enjoyed having an excuse to quilt and I look forward to getting more of my pretty little quilts into the world. I'm planning on adding more quilts soon and adding mini art quilts, too. We hope our little family will be growing in the next year and we hope we can get a little more out of debt and a little better in shape.

We're saying a lot of sad goodbyes at the beginning of this new year...but we're looking forward to a lot of new exciting changes. I hope you'll remain with me here on this little blog as I learn what this year has in store for us!

New Year's pretzel

Our good luck pretzel-shaped bread for the New Year...a gift from our landlord.


Nora said...

Well let me be the first to welcome you home then bittersweet as it may be! What an exciting adventure you had in Germany. I loved reading your blog as you traveled around.

Wow that pretzel, my goodness!

heather said...

Thank you, nora!

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