Monday, December 10, 2007

second advent

Advent Wreath

On Saturday we spend the day with a couple of friends in the Black Forest.

First we took a long stroll through the forest past a beautiful rushing stream. It's actually the same path we took on our torch-lit night. We stopped at the biergarten and had a lovely lunch.

Black Forest, Germany

Black Forest,Germany

Buetthof, Black Forest, Germany

After hiking back to the car, we took a long drving through t the snow dusted peaks of the forest to the town of Gengenbach.

We first learned about Gengenbach when we heard that part of the film Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was filmed there. We found the town and it's very short shot in the movie as the hometown of Augustus Gloop:

Augustus Gloop
Duesseldorf or Gengenbach? Gengenbach

It's a beautifully charming town!

It is known for its famous Advent Calender made from their town hall building. Each window is decorated representing a different day counting down to Christmas Eve. There is a ceremony each night unveiling the next day's window and we arrived just in time to see the next day revealed!

Gengenbach, Germany

Surrounding the city hall was a wonderful Christmas market and charming streets!

Gengenbach, Germany

Gengenbach, Germany

Gengenbach, Germany

Gengenbach, Germany


Megan said...

Absolutely gorgeous - thanks so much for sharing!

Bee said...

It is so wonderful to be able to sneak a peek into the lives of people from all over the world. What a beautiful country you live in.

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