Friday, December 14, 2007

favorite shop friday: vladmaster

Remember these?

I do. I had a red one. I flipped through 3-D-ish stills from popular Disney movies on mine. And I think I'm going to have to go dig it out because I really want this...

As you might guess, you won't be viewing a 1970s Disney movie on this one...instead, you'll view Franz Kafka Parables. That's right folks, the viewmaster disk is all grown up! Thanks to Vladimir, the creator of this week's favorite shop: Vladmaster.

Vladimir designs, photographs and assembles these viewmaster disks by hand. She even creates some that come with their own soundtracks and narrations. Like Actaeon at Home.

It tells the Greek myth of the mortal who was transformed into a stag for his dogs to devour after spying on the goddess Diana bathing. But Vladimir adds her own modern twist to the ancient myth with images of a train chase and typewriters all accompanied by a music soundtrack (complete with beeps to let you know when to switch to the next image).

Vladimir leaves no aspect of your viewmaster experience untouched: from the beautifully designed envelope and disks to the images and audio soundtracks. How did I ever come to think that the viewmaster was such crappy toy? I haven't had the chance to own one myself, yet, but I can't wait to experience a Vladmaster original!

Now where in the world did I stash that old red viewmaster...?

Find this brilliant shop at


High Desert Diva said...

Very cool!

Kellybot said...

I have been coveting these for a long time!

mark said...

Those are amazing. I think I know where my viewmaster is too and mine was red just like yours!

Sarah said...


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