Saturday, December 8, 2007

favorite shop friday: little buttons

So, partly because I had lost track of what day it was and partly because Karl had surprised me with my fun day that I couldn't wait to blog about...I totally forgot to highlight my favorite shop yesterday!

So let me fix that...

...and introduce to you, Little Buttons!

I'm a little partial to Little Buttons because, Sarah, the creative genius behind this eclectic shop is an old friend of mine and one of the most naturally creative people I know. Not only has she the talent for all the lovelies I'm about to share with you, but she's also a brillant singer/songwriter and is working on her upteenth novel (and still working on getting the first one published which can't be far off because it's brillant, too).

You can bring some of her creativity home with you in her best-selling book bags, all featuring a different female writer. I'm a big Emily Dickinson fan, myself:

You can add her creativity to your Christmas tree this year with her beeswax ornaments made from the hives of her own bees (and did I mention she was a beekeeper, too?):

She's also a talented photographer. She's added some inspiring shots from the trip to Paris she and I took together in April to her shop...I think my favorite is this view of the Eiffel Tower:

One of my favorite items in her shop are her Fairy Houses designed to attract the kindest of fairies to your home and yard:

Her creativity will also make you a star hostess with her pretty aprons like this Sweetheart Apron:

And there is so much creativity you can bring home from her shop...I tell you, Sarah's creativity leaves almost nothing untouched: jewelery, handbags, mini artworks, trivets, and, of course, buttons...

Don't miss her eclectic shop full of creative and feminine and unique things at! (And by way, she blogs, too!)


Sarah said...

Oh my gosh! You are so nice!!! Thanks so much!!!

heather said...

You are so welcome!!

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