Tuesday, February 26, 2008

the oscars are still the oscars without pizza rolls

I watched the Oscars today. Yes, I know, I'm a little late. That's one of those not so nice things about living in Germany.

My family hates watching award ceremonies. But the big notable exception is the Oscars. We are movie people. When I was about 10 years old we could all recite line-for-line the first 20 minutes of the movie Blues Brothers. Nearly every Sunday for about 5 years we watched the original Hailey Mills and Hayley Mills Parent Trap. We loved watching Marx Brothers films as much as the latest Disney animation film. My siblings and I grew up communicating through movie lines. As adults, we discuss movies we've seen in every phone conversation. Christmas and birthday gifts to each other are usually DVDs. And every year we watch the Academy Awards.

As kids, we often didn't know anything about the movies nominated--they were often too grown up for kids--but my sister and I love to see the dresses and we loved seeing the movie stars making their acceptance speeches. And my parents would buy us Oscar night treats like popcorn and pizza rolls. As we got older, we would get more invested into seeing the movies we loved win. My sister, the actress, would give her frustrations about Hollywood politics, and my brother, who is truly All-Knowing when it comes to all forms of entertainment, would fill us in on all the films we may not have seen. And I would give my critiques on what made some movies great and why others just sucked no matter what awards you threw at it. And we would still eat pizza rolls.

(1940s MGM Movie Studio Glamour Photo, Movie Star Norma Shearer from Full Circle Studios)

And...although we live far from each other...we still watch them every year. When I lived in Michigan I loved to call my sister during the award ceremony to ask her what she thought of so-and-so winning and if that movie even warranted a nomination. But now that I'm in Germany...it's just not nearly as much fun.

First of all, I have to watch it after everyone else. My husband downloaded it for me yesterday so today is the first chance I've had to watch it. And that means I've already heard who got the big awards from the news and the internet.

And I can't call my brother and sister during the ceremony, 'cause while they're watching it, I'm fast asleep, and by the time I'm watching, they're fast asleep or at work or doing something else and the Oscars are already old news.

And they don't sell pizza rolls in Germany.

(Planet of the Apes-linocut from Artic Cobalt)

And I have to watch the Oscars all by myself. My husband would usually watch them with me, but, although he's just as much of a movie person as I am, he's just not into the whole giving out of awards part of it. Plus, he gets so upset every time a Pixar animation movie doesn't win, he threatens to boycott the Academy Awards the next year. So, here in Germany, he downloads the ceremony for me and I watch it while he's at work...then I replay a few highlights for him when he gets home.

But even though I had to eat ice cream instead of pizza rolls, I still enjoyed watching the Oscars this year! I loved that the song from Once won. We're big Coen brothers fans so we're glad they did well. And I'm glad Pixar won so Karl will hopefully be watching with me next year!

(Friendo T-Shirt from 24/7 Magnum)

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