Monday, February 4, 2008


It's one of the funnest times of year for this region of Germany: Fasching! Or Fasnacht as it's also called here...or Carnival as it's called in some countries...or Mardi Gras as it's called in New Orleans. You can click here to read all about the holiday and how it's celebrated in many different countries...but basically, it's a Catholic holiday. It begins here in Germany on November 11th at 11:11 am and lasts until Ash Wednesday. Most of the festivities, however, happen in the month before Ash Wednesday. It's a way for people to let loose, ignore the rules, become a fool, and criticize bureaucracy in a fun and harmless way.

Today, Karl and I met up with some friends in a nearby Black Forest town to see their annual Fasching parade. The parade is basically one society after another going down the street in their traditional Fasching costumes with wood-carved masks inspired by fruits, vegatables, animals, and witches. They act as the Fool, throwing confetti, "kidnapping" young pretty girls and hats and handing out candy to all the kids who dress up in costumes. It is really a lot of fun! And the costumes can really be amazing!

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Sufoot said...

...Karl has a beard.


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