Friday, February 8, 2008

favorite shop friday: just mad books

It's so nice to be able to feature a favorite shop again. I know I only skipped last week, due to German phone company incompetence, but my internet-ing has been so irregular that it feels nice to be able to do something regular!

And this weeks favorite has been a favorite of mine for a long time! Allow me to introduce to you the brillance that is Just Mad Books, the brain-child of Justin Madson!

Justin is a cartoonist and illustrator who creates, what he calls, "beautifully rendered tales of detachment, wonder and hope" and what I would also call beautiful, ethereal and comfortably and intrigingly strange.

This is a page from one of his comic books, Happy Town Book 2:

And another from the beautifully render tale, Laundry Day:

I love his images of detached figures...they tend to seem a searching for somthing in a strange, yet eerily familiar world -- almost like a parallel universe or an alternate reality, a bizzaro world, or a not-too-distant future.

Little Hood

Step into Justin's world at or I think you'll like it there. I do.

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