Friday, February 22, 2008

favorite shop friday: go buggy

Machiko makes food. Healthy food. Beautiful food. Felt food.

I love the food Machiko makes for her shop, Go Buggy. They could be play food for children but they could also be play food for adults, too.

Wouldn't this farmers market basket look great as a table centerpiece?

Or wouldn't you love to carry this bucket of river fish to your kid's next playdate?

Machiko says that she is inspired by the food she grew up with. And I like that. Because there is something about her soft felt foods that that have just enough reality but just enough stylized simplicity so that they look like they were modeled after memories.

I love the grill marks on her grilled eggplant and grilled tofu:

And I love that her dumplings come with a bamboo steamer:

And I love that the aesthetics of food is so important to Machiko. I think it's her attention to the food's natural beauty that makes her food look good enough to eat...despite being made out of felt and polyfil.

Take for example the slightly different shades of pink used for this carton of eggs... (Ok, so I don't know when I've ever eaten pink eggs before either, but have you ever really looked at an egg? They really are different shades of color!)

And have you ever seen such a pretty ginger root?

Food is such an everyday thing I think we forget sometimes how beautiful and good it can be. I'm glad Machiko helps us remember. You'll find all of these wonderful foods and much more at

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