Friday, February 15, 2008

favorite shop friday: maizie jane

Juliette Ober has an adorable daughter with an adorable name, Maizie Jane, after whom she named her wonderful shop!

Juliette creates what she called Buttermint Tiles...original oil paintings on tiles inspired by her childhood memories...and I love them!

There are a few reasons why I love them. I love the images themselves. They have a retro style and I like the kind of images she chooses. The kind of details you remember from your childhood--the appliances on the kitchen counter, mom's bottle of cold cream--as well as the things we miss like cooking with mom and spending your day at games.

I also love the colors of the tiles: soft pastels with yummy names like "teaberry" and "mint", "butter", "frost" and snowflake".

I also like that they are ceramic tiles. They may be cold and hard but there is still something so home-y about tiles. They line the rooms in our homes we use daily like our bathrooms and especially our kitchens from which good things come every day.

But Juliette has more than tiles in her shop...she shows off her amazing talent with some wonderful original paintings with similar themes.

You can find more wonderful Maizie Jane art at or keep up with Juliette's studio at

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Hey Harriet said...

I adore these sweet retro-style tiles. Right up my alley! Thanks for sharing, I'll be checking out this store.

Also, those photos below of the Fasnacht Parade are awesome! Looks like an amazing event.

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