Monday, May 12, 2008

i really did have a happy mother's day

I actually don't like Mother's Day.

Don't get me wrong...I love my mom and I wish I had the funds to honor her the way she deserves (with a first class ticket to Switzerland!). But as a grown woman with no children...Mother's Day just feels so awkward at best.

And here's why. Every year in my church they honor mothers with a lot of talking about mothers and then having all the women -- with or without children -- stand and giving them flowers. It's all very nice. Unless you're not a mother. And then it's just really...awkward. After all the praising of mothers and hearing about all they do for us and all they suffer through and the sacredness of their role...I always feel like such a fraud accepting that flower every year.

Apparently, Karl never knew I felt this way. Until I recently mentioned how I wasn't looking forward to another Mother's Day. you know what he did?

On Saturday, a beautiful bouquet of orange roses was delivered to our home for me! And on Sunday, he made for me an absolutely delicious meal of grilled chicken quesadillas! And after we watched a movie of my choice (The Assassination of Jesse James...really, really good!) he made me a yummy strawberry milkshake from the fresh strawberries I bought at the Farmer's Market the day before. And he made me feel very special and appreciated...with or without children!

So that's why I married him!

And, you know, it really did help. Even though I have provided no offspring and have made no sacrifices for the children I don't have, even though I'm not a mother and this really wasn't my day, it was a little easier to accept that flower at church. I felt like what I do do for my little family, the sacrifices I have made to help us get to where we are in life so far, the little things I have contributed to our home, really are important and worthwhile...with or without children.


Anonymous said...

What a good man you have! You don't have to have children to be a "mom". We all give the same nurturing to those we love and that makes us all motherly. Don't feel excluded!

ricracsally said...

And I thought it was just me! Granted, I haven't had to go through a "flower ceremony" each year, but it always feels sort of odd that not having kids means that there's no holiday to acknowledge what I--and my husband--do for our little "family." And totally jealous of your quesadillas! :)

Zachary said...

Maybe you don't have children...but you DID help raise Erik. That counts you know. Plus I have met your husband:)

(Kidding...he is a good man too!)

Rachel said...

I totally agree with you - everyone makes their own sacrifices, whether they have children or not!

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