Monday, May 26, 2008

another day at the races

Remember how Karl surprised me for our anniversay with tickets last Sauturday to the horse races? Well, a couple of weeks before this surprise, I bought tickets to the horse races, too! Karl had subtley tried to discourage me from getting them, but it didn't work. But no worries...we just got to go the the races AGAIN on Saturday!!

But you're probably tired of my horse I took photos of the next most important part of going to the races...the hats!!

I don't know why horse-racing requires women to wear big, feathery, gaudy, strange, elaborate hats, but I got some shots of some of enjoy the racing hats!

Even the little ladies wear hats:

This one is a traditional Black Forest hat...the red pom poms mean the girl is single, black pom poms means the girl is married:

It was a very exciting day with some very exciting races! There was another thrilling jumping race that resulted in not one but two jockey's being thrown from their horses and then the favorite horse, who was way ahead the entire race, stumbling on the last jump causing the underdog horse who was listed as having the most outside chance of win! That was one happy jocky that came off the track! Anyway...I'm going to have to leave you with just one more horse photo (I liked the way this one came out):

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