Friday, May 9, 2008

favorite shop friday: pretty ditty

Aprons are so old-fashioned, so domestic, so practical but this week's shop has also managed to make them beautiful, flattering and downright sexy!

Jamie makes aprons for her shop Pretty Ditty. Jamie says of her aprons, "I give special attention to making aprons that inject a burst of fun into this traditional necessity. So whether you are a hair dresser, chef, hosting a party, or just in need of some apron sizzle, I believe my aprons may be the accessory for you."

I know she certainly has the accessory I want!

Look at how pretty!

And how beautiful!

She's got half-aprons, full aprons, halter-top aprons...and all in a gorgeous variety of fabric!

You'll find all of Jamie's sizzling aprons at You can also keep tabs on Jamie and her apron-making at her Pretty Ditty blog:


LazyTcrochet said...

Those are beautiful! I love the various fabric choices. Very nice!

Karma by Morgan said...

those are really beautiful! i want one!

Rachel said...

You always find the best shops!

Sarah said...


Pretty Ditty said...

WOW! Thank you so much for featuring my aprons.
Your blog is very cute and I look forward to viewing more great finds of yours. Thanks again =)

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