Friday, May 2, 2008

favorite shop friday: natural historie

I love detailing my life with beautiful things.

There are many things in our lives we have no real control over. Take my apartment furniture, for example. We live in a company apartment that was already furnished when we moved in and it's all very mix-matchy. Although there are a few things I love (I'm plotting how to remove a beautiful hallway mirror and an old armoire in the spare bedroom when we finally move out without my landlord noticing their removal), most of the furniture is ugly and I don't like it. But even if I have to look at their unattractiveness all day, I know I can add other pretty things to my life that make me happy...and today's shop is filled with those kinds of pretty things!

Natural Historie is the production of Livy, an art history and history student (so she's already tops in my book!) who creates beautiful paper-y things for all of us in need of a little beauty (and aren't we all?)!

Her items, in her own words, are inspired by "all things old fashioned, timeless, simple and lovely."

What's more old fashioned (unfortunately) than paper?

Her prints have timeless subjects:

Her tags are so simple but so elegant:

And, perhaps my favorite in her shop, this birthday card is nothing short of lovely:

See? There's no excuse to add a little more loveliness and beauty in our lives when we got Natural Historie in the world.

You'll find all of Livy's loveliness at And I must insist you also visit Livy's beautiful blog, A Field Journal at


Honeydew Studio said...

What lovely work! Thanks for sharing this artist with us. (o:

Steffi said...

Great work!Thank you for your comment at Etsy...Hope to see you soon again!


Rachel said...

I love the Nike/Winged Victory print!

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