Friday, May 23, 2008

favorite shop friday: whimsy & spice

I'm very jealous of all of you living in the United States today...because you'll be able to enjoy today's favorite shop while I - because of international custom laws concerning shipping foods - will only be able to drool over these amazing photos and names!

Take a look at this: Chocolate Orange Cardamom Shortbread!

Whimsy & Spice is the perfect marriage of a Brookley pastry chef and art director together creating the most beautiful and yummy foods you'll ever see in cyberspace! Like Rose and Black Pepper Thumbprints:

And how can anyone be forced to choose between the Chocolate Chili Cashew or the Cinnamon Chocolate Malt biscotti?

I found this shop through someone else's recommendation who was able to enjoy tasting them, too, so I hear they're as delicious as they look! But for now...I'll have to be content with just looking at the Homemade Chocolate Marshmallows:

But you can go enjoy not just the sight but the smell and taste of these wonderful yummies at

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ThePeachTree said...

If the word Mmmm had more variations, I'd use every one of them :)

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