Friday, May 16, 2008

favorite shop friday: sweetnellie

Let me introduce to you...Kay.

She is a foreign correspondent for the BBC. She is also addicted to CNN and, of course, BBC World News. She likes a sensible haircut because there's no time to fuss with your hair when you're a foreign correspondent. She is also a Snoot from the wonderful shoppe Sweetnellie.

Trish is the creator of Snoots, wonderful little creatures (that she assures us "have been taught to mind their manners and so make excellent companions") sold in her wonderful little shoppe.

A particular favorite of mine is Bingham.

The Chicken Gatherer is small but just the right size to gather little chicks.

Please don't miss getting to know Cecil and his Spring coat.

And Gimlet, while apparently having a bit of a sweet tooth, will sure to brighten up your days!

In fact, I'm sure all of Trish's Snoots will brighten up your days, your homes and your lives sitting quietly nearby with all their good manners. Go find the right Snoot companion for you (for they can be quite diverse) at And visit Trish's blog, for a sneak peek at Snoots about to enter her shoppe and to get to know the Snoots she's created!


High Desert Diva said...

The Snoots are full of personality... thanks for the introduction

Rachel said...

I love the crochet softies!

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