Wednesday, July 16, 2008

schloss karlsruhe

Today I spent most of the day at the Karlsruhe Palace.

The city of Karlsruhe is about 30 minutes north of us. Karlsruhe is known for its excellent university, for being the seat of the German Supreme Court and for it's beautiful 18th-century palace. The margraves and grand dukes of Baden (this region of Germany) lived in this palace between 1715 and 1918. Although the palace was hit by bombs in World War II, it was slowly rebuilt after the war and is now a museum of the area's history.

The palace was built as the center of the city designed around it with avenues fanning out from it like the spokes of a wheel (which is where the city's nick-name, die Fächerstadt - the Fan City). The city spreads out from the front of the castle but the back of the castle has expansive gardens and trees and meadows. I've spent much time in the gardens and wandering the palace grounds, but today was the first time I visited the museum inside.

Afterwards I read a book sitting on the grass behind the museum, then wandered the grounds some more. One of the things I love about these kinds of palaces and palace gardens of Europe is the thought that these places were never built for the likes of me. And yet, here I am, enjoying gardens planted for a duke!

The palace tower from the gardens:

A view of the font of the palace looking out to the city from the top of the tower:

Kicking off my shoes:

The little train the runs through the gardens:


Anonymous said...

What you don't know is somtimes I visit Germany vicariously through your blogs. Thanks for showing me one of my old favorite towns. As much time as I spent in Karlsruhe, I never walked the gardens and never found the train. But I did get to visit a friend's small patch of heaven at her Garden house right in the middle of the city and also saw the zoo which is a large hidden park right mid city. Michelle M.

heather said...

Thanks, Michelle!! Nice to see you here!! I have yet to visit the zoo...I think I'll have to make another day in Karlsruhe for that!

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