Friday, October 24, 2008

favorite shop friday: made with love by hannah

I've been a big fan of today's shop for a long time. Mostly because of this...the Schwarzwalder Skirt!

And since I'm saying goodbye to my Schwarzwald this week, it seemed the perfect time to feature Made With Love By Hannah!

Her prints and skirts perfectly capture the kitsch that Germany is so good at (which is why, I guess, they invented the word for it). It's a cozy kitsch that I see so much of around my home from the knick knacks cluttering the local Biergarten to the gnomes and sheep and cherubs covering the lawns in our neighborhood. So Hannah's shop makes me feel right at home!

Visit Hannah's haven for all things knick knack-y and ric rac-y (or if you're just feeling homesick for Germany like I will be!) at and check out her blog at for sneak peek at what she's been creating!


Kristin L said...

I bought a Toadstool skirt from Hannah last year and have so much fun wearing it. Her kitschy look reminds me of so much that I love about Germany. Sorry to hear that you are leaving too.

Rachel said...

I love the red skirt at the bottom! I hope your move back to the US goes smoothly, just remember that you can always return to Germany for a holiday!

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