Thursday, October 29, 2009

my blessed boy

A month ago on September 27th Axel was blessed by his father. Karl's parents flew out for the occasion and, of course, to meet their newest grand baby. It was a happy meeting!

My brother, sister-in-law and their son, Max, also came. Max and Axel liked each other a lot.

Here they are at Axel's blessing. Silly boys.

And Axel's blessing was beautiful...

I'm so grateful he was born into such a wonderful family that loves him. And it is such an honor to be his mother!

I can't wait to see him grow up...but at the same time I just want to freeze him just the cute little way he is right now!


Kaila said...

He is simply beautiful (Noah would be mad that I used that word to describe him but it's okay since he's a baby).

Crafting is my Therapy said...

so so precious! You are such a great mom! Just love him! (especially while he can't mess up the house, it gets harder when they do that)

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