Friday, October 30, 2009

favorite shop friday: beane and company

I loved Axel in his little blessing suit. I was really hard to find a suit I liked for him that didn't look like a mini-tuxedo as if he were a mini-adult or was too baby-ish. I finally found a white linen suit with decorative buttons...sweet and cute but not too baby-ish and just handsome enough!

I loved it on him so much I need to give some credit to the wonderful shop that made it for him!

Jenna at Beane and Company makes special occasion clothes for little boys and girls. She has beautiful designs in lots of sizes and they are hand-made to order.

Winter White Faux Fur Capelet

Boy's Khaki Suit

Organza Flower Girl Dress

And Jenna is opening up an adult-sized store, too, so you don't have to be jealous of all the little guys.

Find Beane and Co. at:


Midnight Creations said...

He is darling. I once made a Christening outfit for a friends boy, she wanted me to cut up her wedding dress. I was too chicken and made a jumper of sorts that was made of lovely batiste, it made it through 3 Christenings, such an honor for me.

Anonymous said...

So cute and i think the outfit you have chosen is just perfect! It looks a litte formal but not like a baby dressed as an adult! :)

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