Thursday, August 14, 2008

schwäbisch gmünd churches

We visited three different churches during our day in Schwäbisch Gmünd and they were all very different from each other.

The first was St. John's, a Romanesque church built between 1220 and 1250. It was being restored and the inside floor of the church was littered with the original gargoyles and saints from the outside of the church.

I climbed up the church tower where I got a beautiful view of the next church we visited...

The Holy Cross Cathedral is a Gothic church built btween 1315 and 1521. It had a big beautiful organ and pretty side chapels and gorgeous windows!

The last church we visited was really a chapel. Two chapels, actually. And it was very unique! St. Salvator was built on a hill overlooking the town in 1617. The path going up the hill has little chapels containing sculptural vignettes of Christ's Life.

The two chapels (an upper chapel and lower chapel) were built into caves with beautiful carvings both inside and outside cut into the rock.

All three of these churches were very beautiful and represented a completely different era in architecture. It was so neat to see a mini history of church design all in one afternoon!

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Rosebud Collection said...

Thank you for the wonderful pictures..They are beautiful..What work went into churches..I think when you went to services in them, you had a taste of heaven..

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