Thursday, August 7, 2008

etsy baby shower

There is a regularly-held virtual baby shower held by Etsy's kind of cool: any seller or buyer on Etsy can add their name to the mom-to-be list and several sellers are assigned to ship them a free baby or mommy gift. I've participated before and it's pretty fun to meet new babies around the globe!

Here is the little quilt I made for this spring's baby shower for Boxie's new little baby girl (front and back views):

I just used scraps I had on hand to do a pink and yellow tummy-time quilt. It's fun to surprise a distant mom with a little bundle of love! And Boxie let me know that her little angel is already getting a lot of cuddle time with it! I love knowing my quilts are getting the cuddly love they were made for!


Zachary said... I am no expert when it comes to quilts. But I love the ruler patches in that one. Very cool.

Rachel said...

I really like the selection of fabrics you used - they complement each other so well!

West said...

Your quilts are amazing. How long does it take to finish one? I really like the first one. The colors go together very well.

heather said...

west, depending on the size and how energetic I feel, a baby quilt can take around 1 to 2 weeks. Bigger quilts take more like a month or two. And I'm glad you like it!

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