Wednesday, March 4, 2009

german music: karpatenhund

I'm missing Germany today and since I can't eat Doenners nor ride the train to Karlsruhe nor gaze at the Black Forest out my window at least I can still listen to German music!

Today's group is from Cologne and the girl lead singer in this band (Claire Oelkers) is also a VeeJay for German MTV which is how I first saw her. Karl told me she also had a band and then I heard the band and I really like the band! And now you get to hear the band!

The band is called Karpatenhund (which literally means Carpathian Dog).

They have kind of a fun pop-y sound typical of a lot of German popular music (sounds that get stuck in your head but you really don't mind). Here are a couple of their best known songs:

Zusammen Verschwinden (Disappear Together)

Gegen den Rest (Against the Rest)

And I always really liked this one, Ist es das was du wolltest (Is that what you wanted)...

See? Happy stuff!

If you like like I like you can listen to more here.

1 comment:

foil said...

Die hört sich echt cool an!

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