Friday, February 13, 2009

favorite shop friday: vintage kids books

I've always loved a good children's book. There is nothing better than a delightful story with charming illustrations. Now that I'm expecting and have an even bigger reason to start collecting my favorite children's books I've been finding the desire to not just find the best new books but to scout out all the favorites I was reading as a kid. And this week I found the perfect shop to help me do that: Vintage Kids Books.

A fellow Texas mom finds vintage children's books you remember and love and many you wish you had. Then passes the chance for you to buy them at super deals.

I can't wait for my baby to be able to read Mouse Soup (by the great Arnold Lobel) all by himself which I read through I don't how many times as I was learning to read.

I still remember exactly where all the Nancy Drew books were in my town library growing was the first shelf I went to when we took our family trips to the library. You better believe I want a daughter of mine is going to get the chance to solve mysteries with Nancy and George with their classic 1950s covers.

And then there are the books I never had but I can't imagine would not be cool to this 1958 book on space travel...written before anyone was even traveling through space!

Vintage Kids Books is filled with great books for kids waiting to be discovered and re-discovered and you'll find it at Plus this shop has a great blog,, where you can keep up with the latest book finds and reviews of tons of great vintage books.

Now go read a book!

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scribbler said...

Thanks for the shout out. So sweet... Have a great VD!

Now, off to the rodeo!

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