Friday, September 5, 2008

favorite shop friday: electric boogaloo

My sister, Susan, is married to a very cool guy. He's also a bit of a science nerd.

I first met Andrew when I went out for their wedding and when I first got there it was explained to me that I wouldn't be able to meet him for a few days becuase he was at "crack camp" learning how to safely disassemble an illegal crack cocaine lab. He works for the police department identifying confiscated illegal drugs where he is known for decorating his desk with novelty marijuana leaf Christmas lights. He's such a cool guy but he's also a bit of a chemistry nerd! That's why I'm very much looking forward to Susan and Andrew having kids because I already have the perfect baby shower gifts picked out for them!

Electric Boogaloo specializes in artwork for the nerdy baby!

Susan will get to review her baby's ABCs with nerdy flashcards where A stands for Atom and Z for Zoological Oddity!

Andrew can prepare his toddler for school by reviewing Newton's three laws of motion!

And their baby will be able to learn to count in prime numbers with this prime numbers counting chart!

As my sister's little family star-gazes at night they'll be able to remind Junior of the Hertzprung-Russel diagram that charts out the relative ages and phases of stars with this pretty print!

The art is beautifully rendered and the science is proven and even though I've never considered myself a science nerd I'm feeling the need to start learning my prime numbers. Tiffany, who is the science nerd behind all this wonderful nerdy baby art, has a blog ( and a shop ( or for the nerd in all of us!


SewMuchDetail said...

These are all sew cool!! My oldest son would love the first one!

Jenny said...

Oh my! I love each one! Thanks for showing them off!

Anonymous said...

All this art work is so cute!! I'll have to get some of those geeky cards when I have kids, I'm always teasing my hubby about being such a nerd (:

Sufoot said...

Actually, it was Meth camp...but same diff.

Fer rils...if I DON'T get that chemistry alphabet thing when I have a baby, you're fired, Heather.

Sarah said...

Oh my gosh! I have to show my family these! So cute!

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