Wednesday, June 25, 2008

my birthday

Monday was my birthday! And Karl took the whole day off work to be with me!

We left first thing in the morning after a yummy breakfast at my favorite bakery to take a train south to Bodensee (or Lake Constance as it's called in English) and we spend the entire day there along the big beauitful lake.

The train ride was so took us through the mountains and trees and towns of the Black Forest.

The lake itself is very big. It borders Germany, Switzerland and Austria and as you stand on the German shores you can just make out the Alps in the hazy distance.

We had lunch in the town of Friedrichshafen then took a bus to the town of Meersburg, which is one of those little European towns that never did well economically so it never changed. It was such a pretty place!

We visited the Old Castle of Meersburg while we were there...and which was the reason I wanted to go down to the lake in the first place...but that was so neat that I'll save photos from that until another time!

Turning a year older wasn't so bad!


Rachel said...

Meersburg looks adorable! I love windy, cobbley streets!

Sew Fab Martha said...

Happy Birthday!
It looks like you had an absolutely beautiful day to celebrate!

Sarah said...

So beautiful! Germany really is like fairyland!

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